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Resources & Tips

Below are a collection of tips and resources we have assembled to help you.

We provide these totally free of charge and obligation to assist you in the catering area. It's all good!...


Preventative Maintenance You should do Every 3 months

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Preventative Maintenance every 3 months

If you own a Fridge, Freezer, Commercial Refrigeration or Ice Maker YOU should be aware of when the last maintenance service was performed.

*Note: When Any maintenance is performed on machines, Units need to be Turned Off with Power Plug Removed from socket and all other feeds like Water Connections etc. (If in doubt or unsure about anything refer to your owners manual or call for service)

Here are the main things a customer can do between maintenance visits:

  • Check Coils on Fridges, Freezers, and Ice machines. These are the fan coils of the unit. Brush off the dirt without damaging the aluminium fins and use a vacuum.

    Here is the same fridge coils with half and then all of the dirt removed with a brush and vac. NOW unit can operate without overheating cause by blocked dirt.

    *This coil was so dirty it can cause main compressor to fail because of overheating costing you alot of $$$...

    This is something everyone can do with a Brush and a Vacuum Cleaner in between full maintenance programs. Although, this does not remove all the dirt it will help you keep your unit running

    Check ice machines. Remove cover and inspect interior for signs of mold or slime build-up. If any build-up is found call a service company.
    Check door gasket seals on fridges and freezers. Inspect for rips or tears.
    Check automatic door closers and hinges on equipment.

Defrosting Your Freezer

  1. If you own a Chest freezer or Upright freezer and do not have an automatic Defrost option on your freezer, usually called a Manual defrost unit, you will need to make sure you defrost your freezer manually at least 5 times a year. The best time to defrost your freezer is when your supplies are at their lowest, and the ice is over 4mm thick and also Before Summer.
  2. Before defrosting, you will have to remove all items from the freezer. You can store as much frozen food as you can in your fridge if there is room. Wrap up the rest in newspaper or cardboard, and put it in a portable cooler or a cool and well-ventilated location. Turn off the power and pull out the power plug.
  3. Put on some gloves, place some old towels down to collect water spills and gently scrape off as much ice as possible from the freezer with a wooden or plastic scraper (do not use metal items like knifes etc as it can damage the gas pipes). You can even sit a container of hot water inside the freezer to speed up the defrosting process. (do not place the metal hot water container on the bottom of your freezer touching the plastic liner or on any of the plastic shelves as it might cause some cracking due to the temperature change). Pouring warm water over the ice walls is not recommended, as with an upright freezer it can flood the floor around it and it can be very hard to collect a pool of water from the bottom of a chest freezer (some chest freezers do have a water plug you can remove near the bottom to release the water).

Ice Makers

Replace the water filtration system that should be scheduled for every 3 to 6 months depending on water quality to have the cartridge replacement and could now possibly require a service.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Ice-O-Matic Machines


Including equipment choice, food storage and handling guides.

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Juicers & Juice Recipes

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Popcorn Machines



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Commercial Dishwashers

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Barista Training locations available for hire.

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