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Invest in Quality Commercial Coffee Equipment, for much less than you expect.

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Boiling Water Units

Boiling Water UnitsView Products

AUTOFILLING BOILING WATER UNITS are Instant water boilers provide the convenience of instant boiling water at the touch of a tap for making soups, tea's and coffee's, No more wasted time waiting for the kettle to boil, no more dangerous power cords to clutter the kitchen, boardrooms, offices, lunch rooms etc. Crown Hot Water Boiling Units are available in white powder coated steel finish to suit any decor, and is very easy to keep clean

Coffee Bean Grinders

Coffee Bean GrindersView Products

COMMERCIAL COFFEE GRINDERS grind from 0-40mm, and are full automatic. Coffee Bean Grinders capacity is approximately 10kg per hour. Made in Italy and available in 4 colours and Chrome. Deli Grinders and Conical coffee grinders are also available.

Coffee Brewers

Coffee BrewersView Products

DRIP COFFEE MAKERS - COFFEE BREWING DRIPOLATORS are for brewing fresh coffee to have ready on hand, Just put the little paper filter into the basket, pour the coffee into it, then pour water into the reservoir in the back. Ten minutes later, you have a nicely brewed cup of coffee. Coffee Brewers suitable for homes, offices, sports clubs, hotels etc

Coffee Deli Grinders

Coffee Deli GrindersView Products

DELI COFFEE BEAN GRINDERS design to grind 500gm to 1kg at a time, Deli Coffee Bean Grinders suitable to use with dosage units, Bag clip to hold coffee bag in place. Deli Grinders and Conical coffee grinders are also available.

Coffee Dispensers

Coffee DispensersView Products

INGREDIENT SUGAR-COFFEE DISPENSERS used for Coffee, Sugar, Soups and Tea Bags and also boils hot water for instant drink makers. Coffee dispensers serve around 120 cups of coffee. Ingredient Coffee Dispensers are the perfect kitchen companion for any busy office, factory, waiting room, hotel gaming rooms, or wherever high volume traffic occurs

Coffee Percolators

Coffee PercolatorsView Products

COFFEE MAKERS - COFFEE PERCOLATORS are easy to use by simply place the coffee in the basket and brew, to quickly and easily make 36 or 100 cups. Coffee is maintained at an even temperature until another brew is required. Coffee Percolators present a coffee option free of mess that also minimises the labour intensive effort demanded by coffee machines.

Cream Whippers

Cream WhippersView Products

CREAM GUN WHIPPERS are excellent for decorating cakes, deserts etc.All Food Equipment supplies ISI Cream Whippers and Anvil Cream Guns used in restaurants, fast food chains, hotels, food stores, cafeteria's, caterers and for the hospitality industry.

Espresso Coffee Machines

Espresso Coffee MachinesView Products

COFFEE ESPRESSO MACHINES from All Food Equipment supplying quality Boema Commercial Coffee Espresso Machines including single or double group Coffee machines in semi automatic and programmable automatic Volumetric models. Coffee Machines are designed to make all types of coffee's like flat whites, cappuccino's, espresso's, mocha's, short blacks, café' lattes, macchiatos, long blacks, hot soups and hot chocolates. Professional Cappuccino Machines and Coffee Making Machines that are competitively priced for all restaurants, café's, hotels, take aways, clubs, pubs, shops, hospitals, homes and general caterers.

Hot Water Urns

Hot Water UrnsView Products

HOT WATER URNS from Woodson in Stainless Steel Hot Water Urns guarantee hot water on tap!, Domestic and Catering Hot Water Urns are constructed from high quality stainless steel and incorporate a thermostat control, secure locking lids, drip-less taps and boil dry protection in the concealed element used for making coffee's, tea's and hot drinks. Hot Water Urns in this range are reasonably priced and suitable for all applications from catering to sporting clubs, offices, school fates, parties, homes, church groups, factories, take aways and office post meeting refreshments.

Milk Frothing Jugs

Milk Frothing JugsView Products

MILK FROTHING WARMING JUGS for best milk frothing results also use a coffee thermometer clipped onto the jug for correct temperature reading.

Milk Thermometers

Milk ThermometersView Products

COFFEE MILK TEMPERATURE THERMOMETERS are the cheapest and easiest way to monitor milk and coffee preparation, temperature gauge & clip for attaching to your milk pitcher for perfectly frothed milk in your cappuccino, easy for staff to use makes it quick and safe, always ensures a consistent product for your customers

Training Books

Training BooksView Products

BARISTA COFFEE TRAINING WORK BOOKS are intended to complement any training course in preparing and serving espresso coffee using commercial-type equipment. It is a stand-alone resource, but the reader will gain maximum benefit if he/she either is involved in or has completed a coffee training program.

Waste Tubes

Waste TubesView Products

COFFEE WASTE KNOCKING TUBES are used to knock the waste from the coffee machine group handle after making a coffee into a knocking tube. Keeps the work area tidy and clean without the risk of contamination in using a rubbish bin to discard coffee bean waste.

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