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Invest in Quality Commercial Catering Equipment, for much less than you expect.

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Auto Boil Water Units

Auto Boil Water UnitsView Products

Auto-Fill Hot Water Boiling Units that are Wall mounted, Instant water boilers and provide the convenience of instant boiling water at the touch of a tap, No more wasted time waiting for the kettle to boil, no more dangerous power cords to clutter the kitchen, boardrooms, offices, lunch rooms etc.

Bain Maries

Bain MariesView Products

Food Storage Bain Maries that are designed to accommodate stainless steel food pans for wet or dry operation and safely keep pre-cooked ingredients such as hot foods, meats, vegetables, sauces and gravy at serving temperature, which will help you to serve your customers at busy times. Excellent for high volume canteens in schools, busy kitchens, nursing homes, commercial kitchens, hospitals, clubs, caterers, pubs, hospitality food service and retail outlets.

Barista Training Books

Barista Training BooksView Products

Coffee Barista Training books intended to complement any training course in preparing and serving espresso coffee using commercial-type equipment. It is a stand-alone resource, but the reader will gain maximum benefit if he/she either is involved in or has completed a coffee training program.

Blender Mixers

Blender MixersView Products

Bar Drink Blenders & Commercial Blender Mixers. Bar Blenders can handle heavy duty blending for smoothies, cocktails and ice-blended drinks. Blenders are born to effortlessly blend, mix and puree and also perfect for milkshakes, food blending, dessert stations, dips, sauces, hot soups, health shakes, deserts, blended frozen drinks, baby food and more

Boiling Plates

Boiling PlatesView Products

Boiling Hot Plates & Induction Cook tops. Boiling plates are sturdy single and double base models suitable for heating, boiling or frying similar sized base pots or pans. Boiling plates are made from sealed ceramic plates or cast iron hot plates mounted on a sturdy stainless steel body. Boiling hot plates come in single or double plate electric units.

Bone Saws

Bone SawsView Products

Bone Bandsaws make cutting easy wether you are cutting meat, bones, fish products or any other food cutting operations, The INOX 1400 bench top Bone Band saw is here to produce results. Increase production and hygiene in any commercial kitchen and Complete safety operation to meet all standards

Chilled Drink Dispensers

Chilled Drink DispensersView Products

Cold Juice-Drink Dispensers available in one to four bowl paddle type are Ideal for storing and chilling a wide variety of drinks including natural fruit juices, cordials, syrups, tea's and milk. Cold Juice-Drink dispensers are built to withstand the demands of high traffic areas such as clubs, cafés, pubs, takeaways, fruit juice bars, gyms, general caterers, cafeterias, etc

Chip Warmers

Chip WarmersView Products

Potato Chip Dump Warmers are ideal for keeping chip products warm. The overhead lamp illuminates product for enhanced appearance & presentation with internal heating to retain cooked foods taste. Excellent for all fast food operations

Coffee Espresso Machines

Coffee Espresso MachinesView Products

Espresso Coffee Machines including single or double group Coffee machines in semi automatic and programmable automatic volumetric models. Professional Coffee Making Machines that are competitively priced for all commercial kitchens, restaurants, café's, hotels, take aways, clubs, nursing homes, hospitals, homes and general caterers.

Coffee Percolators

Coffee PercolatorsView Products

Coffee Maker Percolators are easy to use by simply place the coffee in the basket and brew, to quickly and easily make 36 or 100 cups. Coffee is maintained at an even temperature until another brew is required. Coffee Percolators present a coffee option free of mess that also minimises the labour intensive effort demanded by coffee machines.

Convection Ovens

Convection OvensView Products

Electric Convection Ovens perfect for caterers being compact, powerful & constructed from heavy duty Stainless steel, Mobile Convection Ovens are the perfect choice when baking cakes, sweets, pastries etc, as the ovens are able to distribute air evenly around the oven cavity and keeping temperatures even.

Conveyor Toasters

Conveyor ToastersView Products

Conveyor Toasters are ideal for caterers needing to serve large quantities of toasted bread, crumpets etc, with a minimum of fuss and preparation time. Conveyor Toaster with variable control feature also makes the toaster machines ideal for use on self serve buffets.

Cream Gun Whippers

Cream Gun WhippersView Products

Cream Guns are excellent for decorating cakes, deserts etc. All Food Equipment supplies of Anvil Cream Guns used in restaurants, fast food chains, hotels, food stores, cafeteria's, caterers and for the hospitality industry.

Crepe Makers

Crepe MakersView Products

Crepe Maker Hot Plates cook any type of crepe mix sweet or savoury. The crepe maker hot plates shape and materials used, make the cleaning and maintenance operations of the crepe maker extremely easy. Crepe making tools included with all crepe machines.

Deep Fryers

Deep FryersView Products

Countertop Deep Fryersmanufactured in tough, durable stainless steel and so simple to use, Featuring high limit thermostats and delivering full commercial power and output from compact designs, electric deep fat fryers are hard wearing and easy to clean.

Egg Beaters

Egg BeatersView Products

Egg Whisk / Egg Beaters with power motor for effortless mixing, beating and whisking. Excellent for high volume canteens in schools, busy commercial kitchens, nursing homes, hospitals, clubs, caterers, pubs, hospitality food service and retail outlets.

Exhaust Canopy Hoods

Exhaust Canopy HoodsView Products

Exhaust Hoods designed specifically for countertop equipment with a Unique ductless design. Perfect for Deep fryers, Griddle plates etc.

Food Cutting Mixers

Food Cutting MixersView Products

Food Mixer Cutting Blenders - Food Cutters are heavy duty models suitable for large volume catering establishments and food production facilities. Prepares salads and vegetables in bulk, quickly and accurately. Reduce labour costs and increase on site fresh food preparation with this labour saving device.

Food Processors

Food ProcessorsView Products

Vegetable Food Processors are heavy duty models suitable for large volume catering establishments and food production facilities. Prepares salads and vegetables in bulk, quickly and accurately. Reduce labour costs and increase on site fresh food preparation with this labour saving device.

Heat Lamps

Heat LampsView Products

Heat Lamp Food Warmers are ideal for displaying or keep serving food hot. Buffet Heat lamps maintain prepared food at the correct serving temperature, while enhancing presentation at the same time.

Hot Dog Machines

Hot Dog MachinesView Products

Hot Dog Machines and Sausage Roller grills provide high production with the capability to serve from both sides. Hot dog Roller grills use heating elements inside of each roller to heat and maintain the desired temperature of the sausages. Hot dog grills increase visibility and increase impulse sales, A very popular item for schools, food stands, snack bars, festivals and fairs.

Hot Water Urns

Hot Water UrnsView Products

Coffee & Tea Making Hot Water Urns a range of Woodson Stainless Steel Hot Water Urns your guaranteed hot water on tap!, Domestic and Catering Hot Water Urns are constructed from high quality stainless steel and incorporate a thermostat control, secure locking lids, drip-less taps and boil dry protection in the concealed element used for making coffee's, tea's and hot drinks. Hot Water Urns in this range are reasonably priced and suitable for all applications from catering to sporting clubs, offices, school fates, parties, homes, commercial kitchens, church groups, factories, take aways and office post meeting refreshments.

Juice Extractors

Juice ExtractorsView Products

Juicers - Vegetable & Fruit Juice Extractors including Citrus Squeezers, Juicer, Manual Juicers and Nutrifaster Commercial Juicersfor the preparation of Fruit and Vegetable Juices with an automatic pulp ejection. Ruby RB 2000/2 Centrifugal Juicers are compact yet robust units that can juice almost anything you throw at it. Simply the best, Continuous Nutrifaster Juicer production up to 1.5 Litres in 30 seconds and backed by a 2 year parts warranty.

Meat Mincers

Meat MincersView Products

Commercial Meat Mincers offer efficient mincing thanks to extensive research and design of the cutting group. The type of meat being minced can be changed very quickly as only a very small quantity of meat remains in the mincer. Meat mincers from 25kg to 200kg per hour of minced meat and are suitable for restaurants, hotels, delis, butcher shop and commercial kitchens in general. Meat Mincer has been designed to mince meat to obtain hamburgers, mince meats, boneless chicken, boneless fish, meat balls, Frankfurt's etc

Meat Slicers

Meat SlicersView Products

Deli Meat Slicers in models to suit your budget and your needs, from sandwich bars to the largest deli retailers. Excellent for restaurants, fast food chains, hotels, food stores, cafeteria's, takeaways, delicatessens, caterers and for the hospitality industry.

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